Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mardi Growl Celebration On Sunday March 3rd, 2019

Mardi Growl Celebration On Sunday, March 3rd, 2019 From 10am-1pm. Bring Your Pet For A Fat Tuesday Photo Shoot. Goodie Bags And Lots Of Celebrating Going On. We, Will, See You All There.
408 S. 20th Street. Philadelphia PA 19146

Friday, February 15, 2019

Arthritis Treatment For Dogs Vet Philadelphia

If you suspect your dog may be suffering from Arthritis, please call your local World of Animals office to speak with a member of our veterinary hospital.  After meeting with a veterinarian, together you can both decide the most appropriate treatment options for your dog with arthritis.

Leptospirosis In Dogs Vet Hospital Philadelphia

Leptospirosis is a serious and potentially fatal disease caused by the bacteria Leptospira. If you suspect your dog may have leptospirosis, or if you would like to set up an appointment to have your dog vaccinated against leptospirosis, please contact our veterinary hospital.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Luxating Patella In Dogs Vet Philadelphia

Luxating Patellas are very common in small-breed dogs. If left uncorrected, the patellar ridges can wear down, and the groove may become even more shallow. As this happens, the frequency and severity of lameness will also increase. Arthritis may prematurely affect the joint, causing swelling and poor mobility. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to prevent the development of complications with the joint.