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Locations of World of Animals Inc.

Locations of World of Animals Inc. Our veterinarians and staff at World of Animals, Inc. look forward to meeting you and your furry family members 2

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In order to provide better service to you, Rittenhouse Hospital It is working with the Appointment System. Please fill in the following form completely.

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In order to provide better service to you,World of Animals Rittenhouse works on an Appointment based system.
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Your Cat's Health Vet Center City Philadelphia

The conundrum this creates makes it vital for cats to receive regular office visits. With the help of Your Veterinarian, you can not only help establish what normal is for your feline friend, but you can recognize when something abnormal is happening. Our basic evaluation is designed to recognize these gradual feline changes – has the weight changed since the last visit, how do the teeth and gums look, have litter box habits changed? 

Heartworm Treatment Vet Center City Philadelphia

Fortunately, heartworms are very easy to prevent. Heartworm prevention usually requires nothing more than monthly medication. Preventative Medications kill any larval heartworms present before they have a chance to develop into adult heartworms. In most cases, these medications are safe and effective, and some of them offer protection from other parasites as well. 

Preventative Care Vet Center City Philadelphia

For dogs, most Heartworm preventative products do provide protection from re-infestation of some internal parasites, but not all. Since neither de-worming nor these preventative products are full-proof against all parasites, it’s important that dogs and cats are routinely screened, so they can be treated before becoming ill.

Senior Pet Wellness Vet Center City Philadelphia

A good Veterinarian isn’t afraid to do some detective work, but it’s especially important as your pet ages that you take him or her to one on a regular basis. Regular visits allow a veterinarian to look specifically for illness that your pet may be trying to hide, so early detection and treatment can be achieved, and your pet can enjoy a long, healthy life.

Spaying And Neutering Vet Center City Philadelphia

Spaying/Neutering your pet is a crucial part of his or her Preventative Health Care, but it is also a major investment on your part. That’s why we at World of Animals Veterinary Hospital want to ensure our clients know exactly what services they are receiving, and for what price.  

Microchip Insertion Center City Philadelphia

Once they find the chip, they will access a national database by phone in order to find the registered owner of the pet. However, for this system to work, the owner needs to register the chip number. That’s why Our Veterinary Hospital offers not only chip implantation, but will also provide the required paperwork for the owner to register the chip.

Dental Care Veterinarian Center City Philadelphia

While it used to be that next to nothing was done to protect pets from dental disease, we know better now. It’s important for your pet’s well-being that you take Preventative Action against dental disease both at home and with a veterinary professional, and to aggressively treat any dental diseases your pet may already have

What NOT to Feed Your Pet Vet Center City Philadelphia

NO over-the-counter medications. As humans we think nothing of popping a Tylenol or Advil if we feel achy or sore – even a child’s dose of these medications can KILL a cat instantly and cause liver and kidney damage to dogs that is severe and potentially FATAL. Please call your Veterinarian if you feel your pet is in discomfort for a SAFE medication.

Veterinary Services Vet Center City Philadelphia

We offer care for both dogs and cats. Our services include Physical Examinations, Spaying and Neutering, Flea and Tick Control, Vaccinations, Dental Care, Allergy Testing and Relief, Heart Worm Prevention, and Surgical Care. This is not a complete list, so please call us with any health concern you have for your pet.

Events and Fundraisers Vet Center City Philadelphia

Santa Claus is coming!
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Testimonials Vet Hospital Center City Philadelphia

Testimonials Vet Hospital Philadelphia. We offer a full range of veterinary services, including, but not limited to: physical examinations Call 215-732-7321

Photo Gallery Vet Center City Philadelphia

Photo Gallery Vet Philadelphia. At World of Animals at Rittenhouse our main goal is provide quality care for your pets.

Payment Options Vet Hospital Center City Philadelphia

The doctors and staff of World of Animlas are now recommending Pet Plan Insurance. If you have a policy with another pet insuarance carrier – do not worry – we will always work with you and them to get your claim settled.

Online Forms Veterinary Hospital Center City Philadelphia

This form let’s us record our pet and owners into our management software so that we can effectively and efficiently provide the service you deserve!

What to Expect Vet Hospital Center City Philadelphia

Once a year, you should take your pet in for a check-up. This will include a full physical, and if needed, our doctors may recommend scheduling a Dental Cleaning & Polishingof all teeth.  Our health care professionals will check the health of your pet from head to tail, and you will be very happy you came to World of Animals at Rittenhouse for service. 

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World of Animals Veterinary Hospital is looking for a Veterinary Technician to work as part of a great team providing exemplary customer service to our clients and high quality veterinary care for our patients. Ability to monitor patients under anesthesia REQUIRED.

Meet Our Doctors Vet Hospital Center City Philadelphia

Meet Our Doctor's Vet Center City.

Center City Philadelphia Veterinary Hospital Call 215-732-7321

Veterinary Hospital In Center City Philadelphia

 That is why our veterinary team strives to help educate our clients to understand all aspects of pet health and preventative care. We realize that your pets are a very important part of your family and we are dedicated to keeping them as healthy and happy for as long as possible. At World of Animals, Inc. at Rittenhouse, our licensed veterinarians, Dr. Dominic Dallago Dr. Ericka Carroll, Dr. Alison Messina and Dr. Jeffrey Stupine are here to keep your pets healthy and your mind worry-free.